Year Past Emotions

About one year after:

I had a sudden rush of feelings
Like the accident just happened,
A temporary lapse of reason.
It felt like nobody understood,
And that she’d be walking home tonight
To the place she’s always known as home
And the girl who always was known as her sister.
But it’s not that way,
It’ll never be.
No matter how much I try
This earthly home will never be enough.
Heaven is sufficient
For the longing that I feel,
That promise I hold dear.
Yet it still seems like forever
Until the day she runs down that golden street,
Until I embrace her,
Until the day when I look into her face.
But now, I am on the waiting list.
How relieved will I feel
When I am taken off hold.
But until then
I am happy to be in this world,
Holding on to memories
That will never be forgotten.
I am not living in the past or in the future,
But the present is where
I am assigned to be.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007
8:10 P.M. CT

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