Turning the Next Page as a Family

Throughout the past seven years, God has been leading our family step-by-step as we have endeavored to serve Him through Katie’s Comfort Ministry. Just as He led us through the first few [...]


March 28. 6 years ago. Not exactly a date I enjoy remembering. There was a lot of pain, a lot of heartache, a lot I didn’t understand. But there was a purpose–a deep purpose I did not [...]

“Time Goes On but Love Remains”

Sometimes I miss you beyond words, Other times I simply cry. But most days now are like the rest— They miraculously go by. That’s not to say I don’t care anymore, For my being aches with love. [...]

Joy in the Mourning

My daughter Laura recently wrote a story about how God has brought her through her sister’s death. It was submitted at a Fine Arts Festival held this summer in Orlando. The category was to [...]

My “Big Sis” Katie

My sister Katie was just herself-no false pretenses or anything. Our relationship all started on March 12, 1994, the day I was born. From then on, we formed a bond. But to be honest, during my [...]

A Few Months Gone By

A few months after Katie’s homegoing: Now it’s the aftermath Of a time well spent Grieving and weeping Sadness and laughter Of course you’re in our hearts As you’ll always [...]

One Day at a Time

Katie’s homegoing truly had an effect by causing me to strive to live “One Day at a Time”. “One day at a time” sounds like a simple phrase- Just don’t look [...]