Angie and Katie

Recently, I picked my wife Pat up after work.  She worked two hours longer than usual due to an admission of a baby at the hospital where she is employed.  She had not been able to have a lunch that day due to other emergency situations, so she was really hungry for dinner.  I suggested we eat out, and I gave her a choice of two restaurants.

We went to the one she picked out and had a great meal served by a wonderful waitress.  She was in her mid-twenties and had a special warmness that both Pat and I commented to each other upon finishing our dinner.

WhenDinnerCheck the check came, I asked Pat if she had a Katie’s Comfort Ministry card on her, which at times we leave with our tip.  Pat did have one on her, and we left it with the tip on the table.  Pat needed to use the restroom, so I waited by the exit door in front of the restaurant for her.

I was looking out the door with my back to the restroom when I heard a voice from behind me trying to get my attention.  I turned to see our waitress holding the ministry card in her hand.  She asked me, “Were you Katie’s Dad?”  I was a bit startled, but my answer came out, “Yes, I am.”

She then said that she knew Katie, as they were both on the speech team together in high school.  With tears forming in her eyes, she told me that she is the person she is today because of Katie.  Katie encouraged her at a time in her life when she needed it the most, and Katie let her know that God loved her.  Katie would also pray with her and because of the love Katie showed her, she is still following God today.

Trying to get my emotions in check, I asked her what her name was, and she told me it was Angie.  I then told her that my wife Pat (Katie’s Mom) was in the restroom.  Angie proceeded to meet Pat there and share the same story that she just shared with me.  When Pat asked her what her name was and found out that it was Angie, Pat remembered that Katie had written about Angie in the margin of a book she was reading during her studies at Rockford Master’s Commission.  Katie had written her name in her Purpose Driven Life book, with a note to pray for Angie and give her a phone call.  When Pat shared that with Angie, it made her tear up even more.  Yet they were also tears of happiness, knowing that Katie had been praying and thinking about her.

Pat and I believe only God could have led us to this restaurant seven years later to meet a beautiful young woman named Angie, someone whose life was changed through meeting our precious daughter Katie.  May each of us be similarly used by God to reach out to those around us in need.

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  • Andrea Boatman

    To this day I still remember Katie’s worship, her drive, and her dedication for the things of GOD. SHE TRULY lingers in my heart sooooo many years later. I remember going to Stone Church with her and the worship we had with Mrs. Darnell (RIP). She will always hold a special place in my heart. And truly she was the epitome of what a true Christian should be. Katie was an angel on earth to us all!!

  • Tom Jeffers

    Jerry & Pat,that is truly amazing how you met with the waitress Angie! So many of these chance,seemingly coincidental things happened associated with Katie.I’ts very hard to explain because I know there’s been other things that have happened since Katie left us!I really believe it’s God will that so many of these things are still happening!

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