One Pogo Jump From Heaven

The Prosapio Family

“It was a cold, misty, rainy night the evening of March 27, 2006. My wife Pat, son Brian, daughter Laura, and I had just enjoyed a pizza at one of our favorite restaurants. I drove to the neighborhood drug store, and the three of them went in to get some photos developed. They were photos from our recent trip to Rockford, Illinois. They were joyous photos of Laura’s spelling bee competition there, along with ones of her older sister, Katie, with her. My thoughts turned to Katie, and I checked my cell phone for any new messages. There were none. I listened to an old message from Katie, as I always saved one to have her voice to hear. However, in the darkness of the car, I inadvertently deleted it. I immediately felt upset to lose the only voice message from her, but as a result, it led me to call Katie. Little did I know this would be the last time I would ever speak to my precious, 19-year-old daughter on this earth.”

  • This book is about a girl taken to heaven much too early, however, who inspired more people in her short 19 yrs. than most who lived 4 to 5 times her age. The story chronicles the family through desperation, self doubt, an unimaginable loss of a child and sibling, but through it all triumphs solely through the Love of God. This story is about overcoming the odds through Love of family, oneself, each other and the ultimate LOVE OF GOD! Katie will live in us forever and I feel her message will continue to resonate through all of our lives everlasting! Love conquers all!

    Kindle Customer
  • This is a very special book because this is about losing my niece, Katie Prosapio in a terrible car accident. This book is well written by my sister Pat & brother-in-law Jerry Prosapio about losing their child, Katie & how they tried to cope & deal with grief. Their other two children, Brian & Laura, also wrote a chapter in this book. I would recommend it for anyone & especially those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

    T. Jeffers
  • Good book. My niece was a friend of Katie's.

    Becca B.

About The Authors

Jerry, Pat, Brian & Laura Prosapio

The Prosapio Family has written their current book in order to share the story of their daughter and sister, Katie, who experienced both the deep darkness of and beautiful freedom from depression during her teenaged years. The Prosapios also share their personal experiences of their grief journey after Katie’s sudden death, illuminating how they saw God at work in the midst of their pain.



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