“Remembering the Persecuted”

Below is a description Katie wrote 6 months before her death about a song God gave her which she titled “Remembering the Persecuted.” May our hearts be moved like Katie’s to pray boldly for those who are persecuted around the world.

September 18, 2005

Hi! My name is Katie Prosapio, and I am 18 years old. I would like to share this song that I wrote with you. It is called “Remembering the Persecuted.”

I was deeply moved after hearing stories about the persecuted church all over the world and felt inspired to write a song about what they go through. These stories gripped my heart and challenged me to look at the Christian walk in a new way. I realized how important it is to remember our Christian brothers and sisters and the sufferings they go through, as well as pray that God will give them strength to endure the trials many of them face daily. One verse that comes to mind for me is Hebrews 13:3, which says “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

God has given me a heart for missions, and I know that He has called me to one day go to India and eventually join the persecuted church. In the meantime, I hope that this song inspires people to stop whatever they are doing, if only for a moment, and pray for their brothers and sisters. I hope it encourages Christians to make an even stronger stand for God when faced with their own types of persecution, such as co-workers, family members, and society in general when confronted with the stand many of their brothers and sisters overseas make every day, sometimes even to the point of death.

God Bless You!

Katie Prosapio

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