One Day at a Time

Katie’s homegoing truly had an effect by causing me to strive to live “One Day at a Time”.

“One day at a time” sounds like a simple phrase-
Just don’t look back or too far ahead
Deserves a little praise.
But if you really dig down deep
And think about this line,
It goes farther than you’ll ever know
And understanding, yours and mine.
For if we live in the now
And not the then and to come,
We will appreciate our lives
And forget the troubles we’ve journeyed from.
This is not to say disregard the lessons
And the love that have brought us to
The very point where we are now
And what God has done for me and you.
And it’s not to say don’t plan ahead
For the future, because it’ll come in time.
But rather look to what you can do
To change the world when tomorrow arrives.
So seize the day, enjoy the moments
That you have on this earth.
For what you do here in this life
In eternity has much worth.
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
10:27 A.M. CT

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