A Few Months Gone By

A few months after Katie’s homegoing:

Now it’s the aftermath
Of a time well spent
Grieving and weeping
Sadness and laughter

Of course you’re in our hearts
As you’ll always be
But it seems like I’m forced to move on
To the world I’ve always known

Just looking where you lay
Never thought I’d see that way
Yours, my sister’s name,
Engraved in stone

Before my very eyes
A teardrop falls
Remembering the life that was before me
And the life that is not visible to me now

Oh God, please help me to face the facts
Oh, I wish I would’ve known
I just feel so alone
As a few months have gone by


Wednesday, June 7, 2006
10:28 A.M. CT

It is amazing to see what God has done in my life since I wrote this poem. He has truly been such a comfort.

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