Wendi Watson was a second year student at Rockford Master’s Commission. She had such a heart for missions. In fact, she had organized a concert on March 28th to raise money for her mission trip to Sri Lanka. Instead, that concert turned into a memorial service for her and Katie.

Wendi was known to ask probing questions and had an insatiable quest for God. She always gave her time to people, and relationships with those she met was her passion. Wendi also loved to tease and play pranks on her friends. Wendi left an incredible legacy of compassion and pursuit of Christ and concern for others and will be remembered always.

To find out what fellow Master’s Commission students had to say about Wendi, please read “Memories”: Memories_of_Wendi.doc

  • Gloria

    I know this was posted a long time ago, but I’m hoping someone will read this. Wendi was my best friend, and I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately. I’m inspired by her faith and am trying to be more like her. I am wondering if someone has the original pictures of her that were used in the video. I would love to have copies of them.

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